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Towns with X: what are the names of towns beginning with X?

Which cities in France and around the world begin with an X? With a letter as difficult as X, here's our list of the most famous cities.

World city names in X

  • Sherry (Spain)
  • Xalapa (Mexico)
  • Xenia (USA)
  • Xiamen (China)
  • Xanten (Germany)
  • Xanthi (Greece)
  • Xapuri (Brazil)

All French cities in X

Here's a list of all French towns beginning with the letter X and their zip codes.

Xaffévillers (88700) Xaintrailles (47230) Xaintray (79220)
Xambes (16330) Xammes (54470) Xamontarupt (88460)
Xanrey (57630) Xanton-Chassenon (85240) Xaronval (88130)
Xermaménil (54300) Xertigny (88220) Xeuilley (54990)
Xirocourt (54740) Xivray-et-Marvoisin (55300) Xivry-Circourt (54490)
Xocourt (57590) Xonrupt-Longemer (88400) Xonville (54800)
Xouaxange (57830) Xousse (54370) Xures (54370)

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