Italian cities in 4 or 5 letters for arrowword solutions

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  2. Italian cities in 4 or 5 letters for arrowword solutions
Italian cities in 3, 4 or 5 letters for arrowword solutions

Arrow puzzles are mind games that require thought, creativity and deduction. It's a great way to relax, have fun and pass the time. But sometimes a definition is missing. Quite often, it's the name of a city that's hard to know.

To complete your grid, we offer you a list of Italian cities in 4 or 5 letters. The aim is not to cheat , but to learn.

Italian cities in 5 letters

Lecce Gaeta Forli
Genoa Terni Aosta
Imola Baïes Adria
Rieti Erice Udine
Ostia Cuneo Elaia
Moena Gaete Drunk
Massa Milan Monza
Parma Torre Turin
Cumeo Capri

Legend has it that pesto was invented in Genoa. The name "pesto" derives from the Italian word "pestare", meaning "to crush" or "to grind".

The classic Genoese pesto recipe includes ingredients such as basil, olive oil, garlic, pecorino or parmesan cheese, pine nuts and salt, all blended to perfection. Pesto sauce is usually served with pasta, such as trofie, a local type of pasta.

Italian cities in 4 letters

Asti Este
Todi Salo

Susa (or Susa in Italian) is an ancient city in the Piedmont region of Italy. An interesting anecdote about Susa concerns the "Porte Auguste" (Porta Augusti in Italian), a well-preserved monument dating back to Roman times.

The Porte Auguste was one ofthe city's main entrances during the Roman Empire. It was built during the reign of Emperor Augustus, hence its name.