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Japanese cities in 3 letters

Are you missing the name of a three-letter Japanese city to complete your crossword puzzle? Between the peaceful expanses of its Zen gardens and the bright lights of its megacities, the Land of the Rising Sun fascinates with its rich heritage, exquisite cuisine and inimitable fusion of innovation and respect for custom. To help you fill in the blanks, we've compiled a list of Japanese city names in 3 letters.

Japanese cities in 3 letters

According to our research, 10 Japanese cities have only 3 letters.

  • Edo
  • Tsu
  • Ota
  • Ina
  • Ito
  • Ube
  • Uji
  • Ise
  • Yao
  • Aso

Edo, Tokyo's former name, evokes the essence of Japanese history.

Edo, Tokyo's former name, evokes the essence of Japanese history. Witness to the feudal eras, Edo offers a journey back in time through its preserved alleyways, majestic temples and imposing castles. Carefully tended gardens bear witness to theaesthetic delicacythat characterizes Japanese culture.

While honoring its past, Edo looks to the future with modern skyscrapers, lively neighborhoods and contemporary excitement. This city, the birthplace of Japan's rich culture, continues to shine as a dynamic metropolis, fusing ancient heritage with the dynamism of modern urban life.


Tsu, nestled in the heart of Japan's Mie prefecture, embodies a harmony between past and present. Enveloped by the centuries-old aura of its historic castle, erected in the 16th century, the town celebrates its feudal heritage while flourishing as a vital administrative center. Tree-lined streets, revered shrines and well-kept parks offer a serene atmosphere.

Prefectural capital, Tsu fuses captivating history with a dynamic economy. With its picturesque landscapes and rich heritage, Tsu flourishes as a cultural gem, attracting visitors with its timeless charm and commitment to the future.


Located in Gunma prefecture, the city of Ota embodies a dynamic fusion of tradition and modernity. Renowned for its thriving manufacturing industry, particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors, Ota is a testament to the economic vitality of the Kanto region.

The lively streets reveal a vibrant community, while sites such as Kuragano Park offer popular relaxation areas for locals. Cultural heritage, thriving businesses and accessibility make Ota a destination that combines industrial strength with an enviable quality of life, attracting visitors and residents alike.


Located in Nagano prefecture, the town of Ina, enveloped by the picturesque mountains of central Japan, offers an experience where nature and culture meet in harmony. Renowned for its historical heritage, notably Ina Castle, it is also home to sanctuaries and temples imbued with serenity.

Ina Nature Park is home to a flourishing biodiversity and offers picturesque trails for nature lovers. The town subtly combines the tranquility of its landscape with a dynamic local economy, making Ina a jewel where Japanese authenticity meets contemporary development.


Ito, nestled on the eastern coast of Japan's Izu Peninsula, unveils a natural splendor enveloped in thermal springs. Renowned for its onsen, Japanese hot springs, the town offers a peaceful getaway where visitors can relax in thermal baths while admiring ocean views.

Tree-lined streets, traditional markets and ancient temples add a cultural touch to the area's tranquil charm. Between sea and mountains, Ito combines the benefits of thermal waters with the pleasures of a coastal setting, creating a rejuvenating experience in the heart of Japanese nature.


Ube, nestled in Japan's Yamaguchi Prefecture, is distinguished by its industrial charm and close connection with nature. Renowned for its factories and its role in industrial development, Ube is also famous for its Tokiwa Park, a green haven in the heart of the city.

Lake Shinjiko Visitors can stroll through its well-kept gardens and enjoy the tranquility of Lake Shinjiko. Between industrial effervescence and natural serenity, Ube offers a balanced perspective, capturing the equilibrium between modern progress and natural beauty.


Uji, located in Japan's Kyoto prefecture, embodies the country's historical and cultural elegance. Famous for its tea bushes, Uji is the cradle of Japanese green tea, with plantations stretching as far as the eye can see. The Uji Bridge, an architectural gem, spans the Uji River and offers a picturesque view of the banks lined with cherry blossom trees.

Ancient temples, including the World Heritage-listed Byodo-in, add a spiritual dimension to this serene town. Uji offers an escape where the tradition of tea blends harmoniously with the timeless beauty of Japanese nature.


Ise, nestled in Mie prefecture, symbolizes the spiritual heart of Japan as a sacred place and center of Shintoism. The town is home to the Ise Shrine, considered one of the country's most revered sites. Visitors stroll along shady alleys and cross bridges over rivers to reach shrines dedicated to Shinto deities.

Millennia-old traditions permeate every stone of the sanctuary, making Ise a place of pilgrimage where history, spirituality and nature combine to create an unforgettable experience at the heart of Japanese culture.


Yao, located in Osaka prefecture, embodies Japanese authenticity with its dynamic blend of tradition and modernity. A testament to feudal history, Yao Castle sits at the heart of the city, offering a striking historical perspective. The bustling streets are home to lively markets, where local flavours and handicrafts take pride of place.

Yet Yao also embraces modernity with its shopping malls and urban infrastructure. Between the majesty of the vestiges of the past and the contemporary pulse of city life, Yao evokes a unique harmony, capturing the dynamic evolution of Japanese culture.


The town of Aso, located in Kumamoto Prefecture on Japan's Kyushu Island, is nestled in a spectacular landscape dominated by Mount Aso, one of the world's largest volcanoes. Renowned for its immense caldera surrounded by verdant mountains, Aso offers breathtaking panoramic views.

Visitors can explore the high plateaus, visit ancient shrines and enjoy natural hot springs. Between the mystique of the volcano and the tranquility of the green valleys, Aso embodies a unique symbiosis of majestic nature and Japanese culture.

Japan's 10 largest cities

Let's discover Japan's 10 greatest cities, where bustling urban centers mingle with centuries-old heritage, creating a fascinating web where past and present intertwine.

  • Tokyo: A teeming capital, Tokyo blends tradition with modern innovation, creating an unparalleled urban kaleidoscope.
  • Yokohama : A dynamic seaport, Yokohama combines history with a contemporary atmosphere.
  • Osaka : The economic and culinary heart of the city, Osaka is home to a vibrant nightlife and gastronomic delights.
  • Nagoya : An industrial center, Nagoya shines with its modern architecture and well-preserved traditions.
  • Sapporo : The jewel of the north, Sapporo seduces with its snowy winters and lively festivals.
  • Fukuoka : A port open to Asia, Fukuoka offers a unique fusion of cultures and flavors.
  • Kobe : An elegant port city, Kobe blends history with enchanting coastal scenery.
  • Kawasaki : A thriving industrial city, Kawasaki pulsates with creative energy and a thriving arts scene.
  • Saitama : Close to Tokyo, Saitama offers a balanced city lifestyle with green spaces and ideal accessibility.
  • Chiba : Surrounded by water, Chiba combines seaside pleasures with strategic proximity to the Tokyo metropolis.

Japan, a country of striking contrasts, reveals its dynamic urban landscape through its flourishing metropolises. From towering skyscrapers to bustling alleyways, each city resonates with a singular harmony between tradition and modernity.

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