Serbian city in 3 letters

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City of Serbia in 3 letters

A Serbian city in 4 letters? No easy task! Everyone knows Belgrade, the capital, but unfortunately that's not the answer. Discover Serbia's cities in just 4 letters.

Serbia's cities in 3 letters

According to our research, only 2 Serbian towns have only 2 letters.

  • Bor
  • Nis


Bor is an industrial town with a mining history stretching back centuries. The Bor copper mine is one of the largest open-cast copper mines in Europe.

Due to its mining industry, Bor has played a vital role in Serbia's economy, although in recent years environmental concerns have been raised due to the impact of mining on the local environment.


Niš is an important historical and cultural city in southern Serbia. Founded over 2,000 years ago, Niš has a rich and varied history that has left its mark on its urban landscape and culture.


The town is famous for its many historic sites, the most notable of which is the Niš fortress, built in Roman times and enlarged in later centuries. Inside the fortress, visitors can explore archaeological remains, museums and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the ramparts.

Niš is also known as the birthplace of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, and you can visit his iconic statue in the town center.