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Maintaining the Eiffel Tower is a major undertaking!

A major worksite

Maintenance of the Eiffel Tower is essential to preserve its beauty and structural integrity. Because of its iconic size and architectural complexity, maintenance requires meticulous planning and rigorous safety measures.

Maintenance work includes regular painting of the structure to protect against corrosion. This involves inspection, cleaning and the application of several coats of special paint.

This process often takes several months and requires a team of specialized painters.

What's more, the Eiffel Tower's elevators and mechanical equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure their smooth operation and visitor safety.

Because of its emblematic status, the Eiffel Tower is also the subject of meticulous landscaping maintenance in its surrounding gardens, with grass mowing, shrub pruning and flowerbed maintenance.

Maintaining the Eiffel Tower is a continuous and demanding task, carried out by a team of experts dedicated to preserving this iconic symbol of Paris. This ensures that visitors from all over the world can continue to admire its splendor for many years to come.

How to visit the Eiffel Tower

To visit the Eiffel Tower, one of the most emblematic monuments in Paris and the world, follow these simple steps:

View of Paris from the Eiffel Tower

  • Planning: Before you go to the Eiffel Tower, plan your visit. Check opening times, prices and any restrictions on the official Eiffel Tower website or other reliable sources.
  • Tickets: You can buy your tickets online in advance to avoid queues, especially during busy periods. Be sure to buy tickets for the observation level you wish to visit: the 1st floor, the 2nd floor or the top.
  • Access: The Eiffel Tower is located on the Champ de Mars, near the Seine. You can get there by metro, bus, foot or other means of public transport. The nearest metro station is "Bir-Hakeim" on line 6.
  • Security: Be prepared to go through airport-style security checks. Avoid bringing large or prohibited items.
  • Ascent: You have the choice between going up on foot or taking the elevator. The elevator is quicker and more convenient, but if you opt for the stairs, be aware that there may be many steps to climb.
  • Observation levels :
    • 1st floor: Enjoy panoramic views, stores, restaurants and fun activities.
    • 2nd floor: Access even more impressive views and facilities.
    • Summit: If you decide to climb to the top, you'll have a breathtaking view of the whole city. Note that access to the top is usually by elevator.
  • Discovery: Take time to admire the view, take photos and explore each level. The Eiffel Tower offers a magnificent view of Paris, including monuments such as the Seine, the Sacré-Coeur and the Champs-Élysées.
  • Souvenirs: On each level, you'll find souvenir stores where you can buy items related to the Eiffel Tower and Paris in general.
  • Eating out: The Eiffel Tower is also home to a number of restaurants where you can enjoy French cuisine while taking in the view.
  • Getting off: Once you've completed your visit, you can get off using the elevators or stairs, depending on your preference.

Don't forget to check the current information, as procedures and details may change. Enjoy your visit to the Eiffel Tower and its magnificent view of the City of Light!

When was the Eiffel Tower created?

The Eiffel Tower was designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel, hence its name. Construction began in 1887 and was completed in 1889. It was erected for the Exposition Universelle de Paris, held that year to celebrate the centenary of the French Revolution.

The structural design of the Eiffel Tower was carried out by Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier, two engineers from Gustave Eiffel's company. The Tower's design was innovative and daring for its time, using iron beams and rivets to create a solid, elegant structure.

The Eiffel Tower was a masterpiece of engineering and quickly became an emblematic symbol of Paris and France as a whole. Today, it is one of the world's most visited tourist attractions.

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