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The Frog at Bercy

The Frog, an English pub like no other, has opened several addresses. Its originality lies in the fact that it brews its own beers. Several blondes, browns, whites or reds... 6 original beers, each as tasty as the next, prepared by the owners. Many other brands complete the menu. So if you're in the mood for a change of scene, take a trip to Frog.

The pubThis extraordinary adventure began with a group of students working on a project that would lead to the creation of a business. After an in-depth market study, they decided to create a pub with a microbrewery!

Success was immediate. Frog has grown tremendously, and now has several locations in Paris and the provinces. Even in their wildest dreams, the students who created the concept had never imagined that it would be so successful and so popular with customers.

Beer at The FrogThe menu offers a variety of delicious dishes at very reasonable prices. Juicy burgers, bagels with smoked salmon, chicken curry, various salads and other dishes are perfect with one of their house beers. A wide range of snacks complete the menu, including nachos with cheddar sauce, chicken quesadillas, chicken wings with barbecue sauce and much more. All of which are perfect for spending a pleasant moment with friends.

Please note that you can access the Internet free of charge via WiFi.

The name " Frog " comes from the nickname given by the English to the French for eating frogs' legs ("Frog" means frog in English). On the other hand, the French often refer to the English as "Les roast beefs"!

The Frog at Bercy Village

Bread & Egg

Gourmet plate

  • The Frog at Bercy Village
  • Address: 25 Cour St. Emilion 75012, Tel:
  • Metro: Cour St-Emilion, line 14, then one minute's walk
  • Budget: beers from €7
  • snack from €5
  • dish from €12
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  • 9 rue Princesse 75006
  • Metro: St Germain des Pres, Mabillon
  • The Frog & Rosbif
  • 116 rue St. Denis 75002
  • Metro: Etienne Marcel