The Château de Versailles, residence of the kings of France

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Palace of Versailles

Half an hour from Paris lies the town of Versailles, famous for housing one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, and a symbol of the power of the French monarchies, and in particular of its chief artificer Louis XIV.

Versailles is a place steeped in history, as it was here that the revolts leading up to the 1789 revolution began, and it was also here that the armistice ending the First World War was signed.

The Palace of Versailles

Around 1623, the monarch Louis XIII commissioned the construction of a hunting lodge at Versailles. So delighted was he that he ordered the extension and built what is now known as the Old Palace.

Later, Louis XIV, obsessed by his visions of grandeur, commissioned his architect Louis Le Van to embellish and enlarge the original building, which was brilliantly executed, notably with the design of the magnificent Hall of Mirrors.

Marble courtyard: Château de Versailles

Inside the palace, the most striking works are the salons de la paix et de la guerre, and the king's and queen's bedrooms, a room that remains as Marie Antoinette left it when she fled in 1789. Other highlights include the chapel and the opera house, where monarchs enjoyed concerts for their entertainment.

The gardens of Versailles

If a visit to the palace's interior is exceptional, a stroll through the park's gardens is just as interesting. The perfect symmetries and spectacular designs, as well as the fountains and ponds, are proof of the colossal work that must have been carried out by the architects at the time. All of which means we can enjoy this haven of peace for hours on end.

Gardens of Versailles