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Greenwich Village, a place to discover

Greenwich Village is one of New York's most famous neighborhoods: you're bound to have seen some of its facades in TV series or movies. If you're not a movie buff or seriatist, you'll love its cobblestone streets and flower-filled facades: a place to discover.

A little history

Greewich Village was already occupied by native Amerindians before the arrival of the settlers. The Dutch turned it into pastureland, then the English established a village - hence the name. With the expansion of New York, Greenwich Village came to be encompassed by the city, whereas previously it had been considered a country village. That's why the streets don't follow straight lines like elsewhere in the city: the original layouts have been preserved.

Bohemian life

Greenwich Village quickly became the neighborhood of artists: musicians, writers, painters... Today, it's a much more middle-class place. But it has retained its bohemian feel, with its original architecture, numerous art galleries and quirky boutiques giving it a very special cachet.

You'll love wandering along its cobbled streets, surrounded by trees.

Here you'll find numerous parks, cool little boutiques, thrift shops, florists, typical cafés... In the evening, Greenwich Village remains a lively district, with its many restaurants and trendy music clubs. There's something for everyone: jazz, blues, rock, pop... there's something for every ear, and you're guaranteed to dance the night away.

A well-known neighborhood

Greenwich Village is one of New York's most famous residential neighborhoods: in Sex and the City, Carie Bradshaw, New York's most famous woman, lives here. For film buffs, it's the setting for Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. You can also see the facade of the building where Monica, Rachel, Chandler and Joey from Friends live at 90 Bedford Street: a must-see for TV fans!

Does Central Perk exist?

Much to the chagrin of fans, ... unfortunately not! It existed ephemerally in 2014, for one month. A replica of the famous café was set up from scratch in the Soho district to pay tribute to the series and celebrate its 20th anniversary. Fans of the series could go there to admire authentic pieces from the series and sit on the famous orange sofa that brought together the show's characters. The lucky ones were able to exchange a few words with James Michael Tyler, the actor who played Gunther, the bartender with a crush on Rachel. However, Ross, Monica, Chandler and the others were not scheduled to make an appearance.

Central Perk

A quick reminder: for those who don't know, Central Perk was a fictional café where the main characters in the series used to meet regularly for a chat. Located in Greenwich village, not far from Monica's apartment, the establishment takes its name from the famous Manhattan park, Central Park, and from the verb Percolate, Perk for short, meaning to prepare coffee.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square ParkIt's a lovely, pleasant park that stretches around an arch dedicated to George Washington. This is where the city's students gather - the university is just a stone's throw away - as well as chess players: if you like the game, it's a great place to meet up. The park is also home to other friendly inhabitants: squirrels. For the record, it's built on a huge cemetery where yellow fever victims were buried. But that's not going to stop you having a great time!

New York's Village Halloween Parade

Every year on October 31, Greenwich Village plays host to New York's Village Halloween Parade, a mile-long parade in which amateurs and professionals alike put on their best costumes.

Church of Ascension

Located at 36-38 Fifth Avenue in Greenwich Village, the Church of the Ascension is a jewel of Gothic architecture. Built in the mid-19th century, it is one of the oldest and most famous monuments in the neighborhood. The interior is also worth a look, with some very interesting paintings: if you happen to be passing by, it's well worth a visit.

We're talking about it too!

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